HCAS Technologies Rebrands To HCAS Technology 

HCAS Technology News   •   January 3, 2018

HCAS technologies rebrands HCAS technology Florida

WWe have an exciting announcement here at our company: we’ve rebranded. HCAS Technologies is now HCAS Technology!

Along with our new name comes some upgraded information. Of course, we are still offering businesses technology and IT solutions tailored to their specific needs… we’re just doing it in a fresh new way.

Below you will find our rebrand updates; we’ve been looking forward to sharing them with you:

Email Address Update: All email addresses will remain the same with one big exception: there is a domain name change. Where there used to be @hcastechnologies, now there is @hcastechnology. Here’s an example of new email address: (name)@technology.alivi.com. So be sure to make the switch in your email contact book.

Website Update: You will find a brand-new website, www.technology.alivi.com, with our updated design and logo, as well as a clearer focus on technology. Make sure to check out some of our top pages – like our FAQ page.

Slogan Update: Our rebranded slogan is “We Connect the Dots” – because that’s exactly what we do for your business, so you don’t have to. This means more time for you and your employees to do the things that really matter in running your company.

Service Update: We are still your go-to company for technology solutions, management, and security as we always have been. And we still individually tailor our services to meet your unique needs. But now these services are conveniently broken down into four main categories, so you can get a clearer picture of how we are going to partner with you:

  • Build Your Technology: Creating unique and innovative technology/IT solutions including application integration and wireless infrastructure

  • Secure Your Technology: Preventing data breaches, threats, and any tech-related emergency before they could ever become an issue

  • Support Your Technology: Managing your technology and eliminating your IT issues for you so you and your employees do not have to worry about it

  • Improve Your Technology: Ensuring your long-term goals are met with our ever-evolving cutting-edge solutions

If you are interested in partnering with our rebranded HCAS Technology and taking advantage of these four services, you can receive a free initial company assessment. Request one on our website right here.