Disaster Recovery? Stay Proactive: Kick Up Your IT Security Strategies.

HCAS Technology News   •   December 29, 2017

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  • Analysis of potential threats: Consider every scenario – cyber attacks, data breaches, and even natural disasters (flooding, fire, earthquakes).

  • Business impact analysis: Identify and evaluate the potential effects (financial, safety, regulatory, legal, and contractual) of natural and man-made events on your business operation. Also, identify all proprietary and other important information needing protection and saving.

  • Employees: A business must focus on the larger picture – not just recovering data. Your team is the foundation of your success. Identify the critical people in your organization who will respond to a crisis. Have everyone’s contact info, and inform each of his or her role in crisis recovery.

  • Messaging: Prepare a template of the information you will share with your clients and customers, and choose your company’s spokesperson.

  • Updates: Keep your plan, software, and systems up to date. Be aware of new and emerging technologies that will most efficiently and cost-effectively serve your business. Consider whether or not moving data operations into the cloud adds security

DDisaster Recovery. What’s the worst that can happen?

Be prepared for the unexpected. Your network, and all access to your data, could be knocked out without warning. You can protect your business by strengthening your IT framework, but this alone cannot prevent all hacking.

If faced with a calamity, your best strategy requires an established disaster recovery plan to protect your data, employees, and business.

Do you have a plan? If you do, is it up to date? Consider the 7-point disaster recovery plan to adequately protect your business.

HCAS recommends that, whichever disaster recovery plan your company uses, you test it and practice procedures regularly.

Most important: Do not wait for disaster to strike to implement a plan. Let us provide all the solutions to protect your business. Need help? Learn more here.