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HCAS Technology News   •   January 3, 2018

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Y Your job is growing your business. And your time should be spent doing what you do best, not overwhelmingly trying to figure out your technology and IT systems.

Our job at HCAS Technology is connecting the dots of your technology and IT so you don’t have to – all while allowing you to reduce your cost, stay cutting edge with the latest technology, and enjoy peace of mind with improved security.

You run your business. We provide technology solutions and management. It’s the perfect partnership. Check out this video below to see how we do just that:

Achieving everything you just saw can be broken down into four main categories:

  • Build Your Technology: Building your business’s technology is the foundation for success. We can take your current technology and integrate new solutions through our services that include technology/security consulting and analysis, process and data modeling, full-scale enterprise integration, tactical upgrades, site development, project management, and system engineering, design, installation, and integration.

  • Secure Your Technology: Together we will pinpoint which areas of your technology and IT systems need secure protection. Then we will implement our services like IT security, backup, disaster recovery, and network security to ensure tech breaches, threats, and emergencies are never issues you have to deal with.

  • Support Your Technology: We specialize in being there every step of the way; we don’t just build your technology and leave. Our HelpDesk, on-demand services, emergency services, asset management, pro-active remote monitoring, maintenance management, Microsoft support service, network management, managed cloud support, and on-site IT support will all come alongside your business and ensure flawless implementation for years to come.

  • Improve Your Technology: Speaking of years to come…your technology is not just about today. For optimal success, you must think long-term for growth and efficiency. We will work with you through strategic IT advisement, procurement assistance services, and product recommendations to ensure your future goals are met.

We want this to be a partnership where we help you manage, secure, and update your technology – that way you can always have the very best solutions without any hassle on your part.

So if you want a partner to help you connect the dots of your technology so you can focus on what really matters in your business, request a free company assessment here.